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Anonymous asked: how'd you and your girl meet? the way you talk about her is adorable.

We met through the wonderful horrible app Tindr. I got because I was on bed rest from a really bad concussion and all I wanted was people to talk to. I wasn’t trying to date or hook up. Well, we started talking and instantly I fell so hard for her. She is one of the best things to happen to me.

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Anonymous asked: The things people are saying about your girlfriend are so mean :( I hope she doesnt have to see that trash. I bet shes beautiful!

Thank you! She really is! I adore her, she is my princess. This hate is just someone who is jealous that they don’t have what we have. It’s someone who is jealous they let me slip through their fingers. I just want to know specifically who it is so I can cut them out of my life.

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Anonymous asked: Not exactly sure how me saying you could do better is rude? I was giving you a compliment. Look at you and look at her. Just saying.

She is gorgeous inside and out, unlike you 

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Anonymous asked: You can do a lot better than the girl youre dating.

You rude fuck, you obviously don’t know anything about me. You defiantly don’t know anything about her!